This redesigned screen has many features which make it more usable:

C.R. England Trailer Detention Audit
C.R. England Trailer Detention Audit
C.R. England Trailer Detention Audit
After, with Pagination
  • A more legible font - Myriad Pro
  • Increased line-spacing, borders between rows, and consistent background colors on the rows all make it easier to read the data.
  • Highlighting the data instead of the labels
  • Collapsing the filter pane out of the way into a "drawer" puts the focus on the data
  • A collapsed/expanded row indicator
  • It is now clear which subtab is in the foreground
  • Combining start data and stop data into a single table to highlight relationships between like fields at different stages
  • Pagination which is easier to read and easier to navigate

Tasks Performed: Concept and Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Technologies Used: Photoshop, Hand-Coding


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