As far as WordPress goes, it’s a great blogging web site platform; it’s easy to set up and maintain. It’s our first choice for most situations (for some more complex or specialized needs we are using and recommending Joomla or Drupal). Blogs are great for providing fodder for the search engines and for providing social media marketing opportunities. However, blogs work best when these marketing goals are not the primary purpose for blogging. Because when someone has a message they want to get out there, and a commitment to stick with it, then they will regularly create quality content for a niche audience and, as a by-product, it will accomplish the marketing goals as well. When people get the priorities reversed, they often don’t stick with it long, or they produce content that seems manufactured and doesn’t produce results anyway, or even backfires. So one should count the cost before beginning—the cost in time to set up the WordPress site (or money if you hire someone to do it) and the cost in commitment to regularly write new articles (the hosting cost with GoDaddy is negligible).

It’s very simple to set up a simple blogging site yourself. But if you want help, we have three price levels:

WordPress Default Template – Starting at $2,500

We would pour the content from your existing web site into a default WordPress template. It would have the look of one of the free WordPress templates with the content from your existing site, plus all of the blogging features. We would also need to configure a couple of plugins to accommodate the features of your existing site, like the rotating testimonials and the image galleries.

WordPress Paid Template – Starting at $3,000

We would purchase and configure a custom-designed template of your choosing (we can recommend some that we like) and set it up with content (like the first level). 

Custom WordPress Web site – Starting at $3,500 

We would design your WordPress template from scratch to give your site a unique look.

If you want to do it yourself, I’d be happy to help get you started. Feel free to call me for free advice.

WordPress Setup Only – Starting at $1,500 

Some people are just not technically inclined, so if you just need us to set up a new WordPress site for you and make it ready for you to start entering content from scratch, we are happy to do that for you.