Just a few little usability enhancements to start with.

C.R. England Trainer Bonus Exemptions
C.R. England Trainer Bonus Exemptions
C.R. England Trainer Bonus Exemptions
  • The primary action to take on the screen was at the end of the data table; I moved it to the top and styled it to look like it has a primary function on the screen. I created styles that would all be applied automatically when a single class was applied to the DIV tag.
  • Added a tooltip class with 3 priority levels to call attention to data that should be noticed and may need an explanation.
  • Turned the data row action links into little buttons so they would stand out as the action that can be taken for that record.
  • I was working incrementally on the styles that would affect the entire system of hundreds of screens - that logo wallpaper background would just have to wait!

Tasks Performed: Concept and Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Technologies Used: Photoshop, Hand-Coding