The Team

John Livzey

Photography Lead—Digital Photography and Post Production

From the moment he first grabbed a camera, John Livzey realized he had found the one medium that would let him express himself completely. Whether he's photographing presidents, rock stars, the clawing scoop of an earthmover, or a spider's web, John uses his lens to speak to an unseen audience in the most intimate relationship. Famed photographyer Edward Weston once said, "Photography is the perfect medium for one whose mind is teeming with ideas, imagery, for a prolific worker who would be slowed down by painting or sculpting, for one who sees quickly and acts decisively, accurately." Nothing better describes John Livzey and his work. *

*Credit: McGraw Hill Construction

Scott Everett

Multimedia Lead—Interactive and Motion Graphics Developer

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Scott has worked throughout north Texas and southern California developing media and web projects in the entertainment, retail, and architectural/engineering industries. His work in web design, flash development, and photography has recently been published as part of a high-profile branding effort for an LA-based multinational Engineering and Architecture firm. Scott has collaborated with members of Ethos Factory on a number of commercial projects by providing video animation, music composition, sound design, graphics, and photography for corporate branding campaigns, large format displays, and web designs.

Chris Mullin

Illustration Lead—Illustration, Graphic Design, and Concept Development

Based in Southern California, Chris has been designing for the apparel industry worldwide for over 25 years, bringing his passion and creativity to each project. He applies his unique twist to humorous illustration, concept development, and design. He enjoys the collaborative process with other designers and the back-and-forth process with his clients to discover the sometimes surprising solutions to their goals.

Guido Laudisa

Graphics Lead—Creative Director

Guido is a native of Rome, Italy. Exposed to a multi-cultural environment first in his studies and later in his professional endeavors, which have taken him throughout Europe, as well as in key cities here in the U.S. Guido held positions in both advertising agencies as well as in several companies, both here and in Europe, giving him a clear understanding of how to operate effectively in different types of professional environments and in several different stages of the creative process.

Alan Coughlin

Web Development Lead—Art Director

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A native of Silicon Valley, Alan brings a well-rounded skill-set of Web and interactive applications. His work for several southern California and Utah companies has given him a complete understanding of both inter- and intranet environments, by developing solutions that optimize the existing technology. Process integration, task automation, and tracking are part of Alan’s technical ability. He specializes in making complex tasks seem simple to the user and finding the optimum way to leverage the power of the Web to reduce costs and save time.