Here is a representative sample of the work we have completed. Please call us for an estimate to develop your logo.


Logo quality varies depending on the experience of the artist and the time the artist is allowed to devote to developing and refining a solution for you. So the fairest way we know to quote the cost of a logo to our clients, as much as we hate to say it, is to ask, "How much do you want to spend?"

We will select a designer who has the training, experience, and vision suited to your particular needs. The designer will then consult with you and research your company's market before beginning to work on creating a distinctive and effective logo for your business.

All logo designs include a logo pack including file formats for every possible usage, posted on the web for easy distribution to your public relations contacts and for your vendors.

Level I: Small Businesses and Organizations

Small businesses and organizations need a logo to brand themselves. A text treatment alone, or with a simple mark, is enough to create a distinct face for customers to identify, and to begin to convey some of the organization's values.

Samples of Level I:

Women Endurance AthletesDelgado and DelgadoJamster ScamCoburn IT LawUsable I.T.

Level II: Larger Businesses and Organizations

A larger business or organization has a lot riding on their ability to communicate their values to their clients and prospective clients. A distinct and memorable logo that strikes just the right tone and is versatile enough to be applied throughout the organization is essential for maintaining an enduring brand.

Samples of Level II:

CircusJKW Panama PropertiesPerspective FilmsPanama Pacific MortgageANEWFlash StudioFast EquitySoliantWired World Catalog

Level III: Consumer Products and Large Companies

Consumer products, storefronts, and high-profile organizations all require a logo with an extra measure of precision and versatility. A seasoned designer can create a mark that instills confidence in an investment firm, inspires the tired to work out again, or makes your mouth water when you see the sign above the door. A logo at this level may need to accomodate multiple product lines, be focus group tested, and go through many iterations before it reaches the goal.

Samples of Level III:

Rancho Los TorosGreen Consult SRLHollywood Pop AcademyMaestroThe Present BodySmart Gallery CafeUnapolAtmospheraTropical Tucan ToursGlobal Promotions LogoEagle RiderCooke, Kobrick, & Wu



View our slide show tutorial about logos and the corporate identity.